Business Law and Debtor Rights

Lindh Foster, LLC is a Business Law and Debtor Rights Law Firm focused on helping clients all throughout Connecticut.

Connecticut Business Lawyer and Debtor Rights Attorney

Connecticut Business Lawyer and Debtors Rights Attorney, Eric Foster of Lindh Foster, LLC, has been practicing law for over 27 years in Connecticut, New York and Hong Kong, China. As a Connecticut Business Lawyer, Eric Foster’s legal practice currently centers around representing small businesses and entrepreneurs, in selecting their business structure, forming their businesses, and managing their business transactions.  As a former attorney at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York where he focused on the regulation of banks’ lending activities, Attorney Foster is also a passionate consumer advocate and a member of the National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA). As a Debtor Rights Attorney, Attorney Foster enjoys advocating for and representing consumer debtors in connection with credit card, student loan and other debts they allegedly owe creditors and debt collectors.

Connecticut Business Lawyer

As an Experienced Connecticut Business Lawyer, Attorney Foster helps entrepreneurs start new businesses and secure funding.  Connecticut Business Lawyer Foster also advises small business owners and managers regarding organizational, governance, and compliance issues, and he represents firms in connection with acquisitions, commercial loans and litigation matters. – MORE

Connecticut Debtor Rights Attorney

As a Connecticut Debtor Rights Attorney, Attorney Foster believes in educating  his clients regarding their significant legal rights as borrowers.  The Law Firm is not a debt relief agency and it does not represent clients in connection with filing for bankruptcy. However, the Law Firm does help review various approaches, including bankruptcy, to challenging, litigating, reducing or eliminate their debts, including in cases where identity theft or unauthorized use of a credit card is involved. Connecticut Debtor Rights Attorney Foster is experienced in stopping harassing debt collection practices by creditors, predatory debt buyers and their agents, including illegal calls let on a consumer’s cell or home phone, unlawful practices in collection letters send by creditors and debt collectors, as well as unsolicited communications from third-parties. If you have been the victim of debt collection harassment or abuse, or you are currently experiencing harassing, constant phone calls from debt collectors or others, please contact Connecticut Debtor Rights Attorney Eric Foster.


Connecticut Credit Card Debt Lawyer

At Lindh Foster, LLC, our CT Credit Card Debt Lawyers will aggressively negotiate with creditors to try and lower the amount of debt owed and give you a reasonable payment plan that you can afford. If you live in Connecticut and are struggling with credit card debt, it is extremely important to have an experienced CT Credit Card Debt Lawyer like the ones found at Lindh Foster, LLC that have a deep knowledge of credit card law and debt settlement.


I hope you’ll spend the time to get to know our firm better. You can always reach Attorney Foster if you have any questions or issues involving your business or protecting your legal rights as a consumer debtor.